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Successfully launched in 2013, & Other Stories introduced designs from ateliers in Paris and Stockholm. But the West Coast has always been part of their narrative. This love affair has grown stronger each season, leading to the opening of a third design atelier in LA.


With this addition, & Other Stories introduces a whole new aesthetic to the selection. The fashion scene is broadening its wings outside of traditional fashion weeks and seasonal thinking, adapting to a different landscape. This process sheds more light on fashion creativity in other places such as Los Angeles.


“LA is a very allowing city that embraces different personalities and creative directions. There’s a blossoming creative culture here that spans over many fields – fashion, art, movies and music. Perhaps it’s the casual California aesthetic, the slower pace and the sunshine that draws talented people in. Being here, you become part of the American dream”,  says Samuel Fernström, Managing Director, & Other Stories.


California has always been a part of & Other Stories’ narrative.   Through co-lab collections with local fashion favorite Rodarte and Clare Vivier, alongside stories with stylist and creative consultant Jayne Min, photographer Stephen Shore and the Gummer sisters, & Other Stories has continuously included Los Angeles in their stories. This love affair has grown stronger each season, leading to the idea of opening a design atelier here.


We’re excited to bring the California attitude to & Other Stories. LA is a city of dreamers and adventurers where anything can happen. Our collection captures the California girl’s confidence, creativity, and way of life. She is a chameleon with a unique approach to her look, but always maintains her own personal style for every occasion,” says Caity Knox, Designer & Other Stories Los Angeles Atelier.



& Other Stories’ Los Angeles Atelier takes inspiration from the many dimensions of Californian living. The collections ensure you can create a statement look for every occasion, entailing a mix of the city’s glamorous and occasionally gritty persona. Sometimes free-spirited and casual, sometimes polished with an attitude, but either way, it’s always flattering.


The full collection by & Other Stories´ Los Angeles Atelier will be available for the first time in-store and at now.

& Other Stories teamed up with Rodarte and created a co-lab collection of ready-to-wear, shoes and jewellery. The collection will hit stores and March 17.

The co-lab collection by Rodarte is very much a part of their design aesthetic being textured and nuanced, romantic with unexpected details and contrasts.


With this collection, Rodarte wanted to use colours and surfaces that create three-dimensionality. Subtle contrasts allowed for the designs to have intricate details and modern, clean lines. They also explored playing with textures such as crushed velvet, suede, mohair, lurex knit, mixed metal and crystal application. Small glimpses of metallic edges create a refraction of light that draws the eye.


Dedicated to this co-lab, Kate and Laura Mulleavy created a playlist with hand-picked songs that are reflecting the mood and inspiration behind the collection. The playlist is available on Spotify.


Co-labs complement the existing collections with their different and strong characteristics and expertise. By working with a mix of both new and more established talents it adds to & Other Stories’ identity and becomes a surprising element for the customers.


Rodarte is known for its artistic mixture of high couture, modern femininity, and California influences, created by Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Their signature aesthetics come together in this co-lab collection, revealing unexpected contrasts and carefully chosen qualities – all available in selected stores and on March 17.

Visit for further details about the Rodarte & Other Stories co-lab.

RODARTE has teamed up with high-street favourite & Other Stories to create a capsule collection, further raising the bar on high-street and high-fashion collaborations. The collection – that is slated to land online and in store next Spring – will comprise ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes


Rodarte is known for its artistic mixture of high couture, modern femininity, and California influences, created by Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Their signature aesthetics come together in this co-lab collection of ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes, revealing unexpected contrasts and carefully chosen qualities.

“Through this special collaboration with & Other Stories, we are excited to translate the Rodarte narrative into a new environment,” said a statement from the sisters behind Rodarte, Laura and Kate Mulleavy. “& Other Stories’ unique positioning in the fashion landscape has allowed us to create a truly special collection.”


“With Rodarte’s strong co-lab collection we’re adding a new LA-infused perspective to our selection and bringing inspiration and ideas to encourage all personal styles, or stories”.  Samuel Fernström, Managing Director, & Other Stories

I’m so looking forward to this collection especially after that amazing co-lab with Ada Kokosar!!

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