Angelo Galasso, Bespoke Menswear designer and rightly named one of GQ’s Best Dressed Men for two years consecutively, is set to launch a new bespoke program Unico by ANGELO GALASSO in the old Edwardian Room at the Plaza Hotel.

Unico, is the new and exclusive made-to-measure service that offers the ANGELO GALASSO customer a new dimension in menswear – traditional Italian craftsmanship, combined with Angelo’s eye for detail, resulting in an experience that is, as the name suggests, unique to each client


Angelo Galasso continues to bring a new level of sophistication to menswear with clothing pieces that fuse elegant and clean silhouettes with exquisite detailing to create a modern aesthetic that mirrors the future whilst staying true to the values of traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Every ANGELO GALASSO house offers a dedicated area where clients can discretely discuss their sartorial needs over a glass of Prosecco or a tumbler of whiskey. In an atmosphere reminiscent of couture ateliers of bygone eras, experienced tailors will take measurements and assist the customer in choosing from countless possible customizations. Suits and jackets are available in a vast array of fabrics, from fine wools to luxurious silks and cashmere, with each individual piece made by hand using a traditional sartorial technique of cutting and sewing the canvas with woven horsehair.


Every single element of the garment can be made to the client’s specifications, from the cuffs to the contrast stitching and gold buttons engraved with the wearers initials will provide the finishing touch to what many have described as works of art.

As one would expect of a collection by ANGELO GALASSO, the Unico experience offer garments Fatto in Italia – exclusively made in Italy. Individuality through traditional craftsmanship and design is the ethos behind both the ANGELO GALASSO brand and the Unico experience.


Is there an aesthetic or DNA pattern that separates Unico from other emerging Bespoke menswear retailers?

Unico is the first ever Haute Couture service for men. We offer the modern gentleman the possibility to have a full wardrobe made to his specifications. Suiting is only one aspect of our offering – our customer can have shoes, leathers jackets, belts, travel items (from luggage to an iPad case) all the way down to underwear made by us.

For example, shirts are available with silver or diamond engraved buttons, the choice of luxury leather for our shoes is practically endless and our new AW cloths are available with real gold pinstripes.

With the fashion world changing ever so quickly, some designers set out to change the world while others are simply happy to make it a prettier place to live in. Where do you fit in this spectrum?

I believe fashion is something you live, breathe and evolve with. If you evolve organically with what is happening culturally you will get where you need to be at the right time. I have always done this naturally.  What’s happening now with the Angelo Galasso brand is in line with what occurred when I launched Interno 8 and then Billionaire. Both where defined by my design ethos at different stages of my life.

Being listed as one of GQ’s best dressed men for two consecutive years is quite notable, would you consider yourself a style icon?

It is an honor that I appreciate, but I consider myself Angelo Galasso. Style is something we all have inside.

Who are your style icons? And which men do you love to dress and who would you love to dress that you haven’t had the Opportunity to dress?

Roger Moore is definitely a style icon. Denzel Washington is someone I would like to work with.

What do you think of luxury designers collaborating with fashionable high street brands and do you see yourself teaming up with any?

It’s a strategic choice some brands make, but it’s not for us. I never compromise, especially on quality, and my collections are carefully conceived from A to Z with the AG philosophy in mind.

Describe the Unico type of man, who’s your target customer?

The human being. We all want to be different, we all want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement.  Anyone that is looking for that feeling will enjoy the Angelo Galasso experience.

What is your favorite piece from your collection?

The Polso Orologio shirt. It was an immense honor when it was included in the London Design Museum as a piece of timeless design.

What are some key essentials that every man  should have in his wardrobe?

A tailored blazer

Two pairs of jeans, a dark indigo and a distressed one

A pair of trainers

A pair of leather smart shoes

Describe your womenswear collect?

Our womenswear capsule collection mirrors our core menswear offering. Quality and cut are at the forefront of all I do, making sure the silhouettes are sharp and flattering to the figure.

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Also, stay tune for a Sartorial Cognizant  preview of ANGELO GALASSO’s F/W 2013 Collection!

Photos Courtesy of  Angelo Galasso